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Houston Car Paint Protection Film

Clear Bra Paint Protection - Clearguard NANO™

EVS Motors ClearGuard Film

Paint Protection Film, or "clear bra" as it is sometimes called, protects the finish of your vehicle from bug acids, rock chips, scratches, stains and more. Conventional paint protection films can show scars and yellowing after a single year of use—especially in the real world, where most of us drive every day.

We work with the best "self-healing" Paint Protection Film, Clear Guard Nano. "Self-healing" means, that the film heals itself through heat and sunlight from damages like scratches and rock chips that don't penetrate through the surface of the film.

ClearGuard NANO™ is the latest technology in clear Paint Protection Film. The uniqueness of CGN is its ability to repair surface scratches with infrared, ultraviolet rays, or heat. Micro-scratches and swirls will dissipate as the film’s molecular structure will begin to re-bond to its original state. This regenerative process will self-heal minor surface scratches even in cold climate.

Another unique feature of ClearGuard NANO™ is the implementation of the highest Liquid Gloss Factor in the industry. This is an achievement and measurement of unsurpassed surface brilliance, depth and intense gloss of CGN™ when applied to any vehicle. ClearGuard NANO™ has minimal “Orange Peel” texture and its gloss coating is rated 50% glossier compared to the leading brand.

Comparison of ClearGuard NANO™ vs. a Leading Brand of Paint Protection Film

Pricing Packages

ClearGuard Nano can be installed on most painted surfaces and coverage areas can be customized to fit your personal needs. Below you will see two typical packages people go for when they get Paint Protection Film installed, but if you would like a specific coverage please contact us directly to get more information.

front end coverage for paint protection film

Full front end coverage

Starting Price - $1800*

(full front bumper, the full hood, the full fenders and the mirrors)

*Prices may vary depending on the Vehicle's Year, Make and Model. Please contact us to get a quote for your car.

front end coverage for paint protection film

Full vehicle coverage

Starting Price - $5500*

*Prices may vary depending on the Vehicle's Year, Make and Model. Please contact us to get a quote for your car.

We Support Your Individuality

EVS Motors customizes cars in Houston to your individuality. We offer exclusive upgrades, expert advice, and a friendly team dedicated to realizing your unique car vision.

EVS Motors: Where you can trust that your car is well looked after. As car lovers ourselves, we support your individuality when you want custom upgrades, as well as your sustainability initiative when you want to keep your electric vehicle in prime condition.


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