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Vinyl Wraps / Chrome Deletion

EVS Motors Chrome Deletion

Chrome Deletion

Chrome deleting is a great way to give your car a sportier look. There’s quite a bit of chrome on the car from the front bumper all the way to the back, and if you’re looking for a more aggressive, sportier look, the chrome can take away from that.
We can vinyl wrap the chrome pieces in a variety of colors to hide the chrome and to personalize it just the way you want. If you prefer to have your chrome pieces painted instead, contact us for more info.

Painting – Chrome Deletion

If you prefer having your chrome accents painted instead of vinyl wrapped, we offer unique services that aren’t available with vinyl films, like color matched door handles for that extra clean look. Painting your chrome accents will create a cleaner, more permanent finish than vinyl wrapping. This is a great option for clients looking for a specific color that can’t normally be achieved with vinyl film.

EVS Motors Painting Chrome Deletion
EVS Motors ClearGuard Film

Full Vehicle Wrap

If you’re looking for a complete exterior color change, we offer full vehicle wrap services. This is the perfect solution to changing up your car’s color to something a little more unique, and the best part is it’s all reversible. When you’re ready for a new color, just peel it off and start fresh again!

We Support Your Individuality

EVS Motors customizes cars in Houston to your individuality. We offer exclusive upgrades, expert advice, and a friendly team dedicated to realizing your unique car vision.

EVS Motors: Where you can trust that your car is well looked after. As car lovers ourselves, we support your individuality when you want custom upgrades, as well as your sustainability initiative when you want to keep your electric vehicle in prime condition.


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